This may Sound petty

but I found out I gained a lot of weight today when I stepped on a scale, and I can tell you right now my heart dropped a good 60 meters below sea level. Yeah pretty low right? Well… I am determined to lose the weight by the end of summer, before I go off to college. I don’t know how well this is going to work considering that I don’t like going to the gym and not just that but it’s also very hot outside and to make it worse, when I am outside it’s hard to breathe because there is no air. But I am determined, why? Well… this is where it sounds petty I want to feel beautiful. I’ve always been considered cute, literally. Everyone says I’m cute it drives me bonkers, I want to look beautiful. I know losing weight won’t bring me that but if I feel like I am beautiful than… that is what matters to me. I at most won’t to loose 5-7 pounds. Not ten just 5-7 because I feel like that is a safe weight to go on ahead to lose. I’m sorry to you my followers who read this, it’s just… I want to feel beautiful is all. 

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